Holding Form & Payment Deferral Application

We welcome you as a prospective Ramada SkyHotel Investor. To reserve your position and assist our planning, please complete the Holding Form. Further, if you are not ready to make full subscription payment with your PDS Application you can apply to make an initial payment of 10% and defer the balance. 

Reserve your position today 

While the final step in the process to invest into Ramada SkyHotel is the Application Form, it is important to lodge a ‘no obligation’ Holding Form if you prospectively wish to invest. Know your position is reserved with no obligation to invest, allowing you time to read the PDS and complete the PDS Application Form in a reasonable period of time. It also assists us substantially in our planning.

The holding form allows you to:

Get assistance: You may seek our assistance to complete the Application Form.

Defer full payment: You may wish to make an initial 10% payment and pay the balance just prior to drawdown. The initial payment will still earn the pre-draw interest.

1. Application Form

If you are ready to invest you can download the PDS Application Form directly, complete and lodge payment 

2. Holding Form & Payment Deferral Application

To reserve your position on a ‘no obligations’ basis and to assist the Ramada SkyHotel team with prospective allocations, please complete the following:

This assistance should not be construed as advice but a service. Investors are advised to always seek independent, professional and considered advice.